The two fields of design are vastly different and, therefore, require different techniques. A website can be up and running fairly quickly to be tested, run through its paces, and tweaked on the fly. Print designs, on the other hand, are permanent, thus requiring a lot more in the way of drafts, approvals, feedback, and revisions before a product is ever ready be taken to the printers.

They also require different programs, knowledge, and skill-sets. We are more than capable of handling both type of project, but the prices, contracts, and just about everything will be separate even if you want to do both.


In terms of print design, we have experience in just about everything that isn’t full scale campaigns. Some stuff we have worked on pretty regularly are:

  • posters and flyers,
  • CD album covers and interior art,
  • logos and branding concepts,
  • clothing and merchandise,
  • greeting and business cards,
  • and just about anything else you can print ink on.

As for the online world, scriptDance is mainly a “design only” service. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t help you along throughout this confusing process; we will help you find a host, register a domain name, and then design, build, and help you maintain your sites. We have experience in:

  • websites (static, responsive, and mobile),
  • social media campaigns,
  • email distributions,
  • advertisements (banner ads, box ads, etc),
  • basic SEO optimizations,
  • and a whole lot more.


Cost varies from project to project based on what you require, what we require of you, and the amount of time and resources it will take for us to take care of everything. A few of the factors causing general pricing issues:

  1. Everyone needs something different. A full redesign and rebranding will cost a lot more than just upgrading your current graphics. Starting from scratch will also cost a good deal more than working with existing graphics (even if you do want a full redesign).
  2. (For Print) What you are printing on, the size of it, the color schemes, and distribution will all vary from project to project. There is no way to know how much something will cost until we have hashed out basic details and I’ve had time to investigate what that means for you.
  3. (For Web) Since we don’t host your site directly and can’t make a domain name for free, a substantial portion of the cost depends on where you host, what services you need there, and what domain service is used. The size and requirements for your site will also make it fluctuate.
  4. This is a freelance operation, which means that depending on deadlines, it could cost more or less. If you need it yesterday, the price will be a lot higher than if you need it next year.

However, we can (and do) give free estimates (actual sketches and demo sites will cost you, though). So, if you’re interested in using scriptDance for your print or web design needs, contact Mark  via the Contact page, including something about the nature of your project in the Subject Line, and we can start the process ASAP!