A total site redesign for the guys over at Viking VPN. They approached me towards the end of August about the possibility of giving their functional but simple site a visual facelift to give a stronger impact and consolidate some of their content from across various pages into simpler spreads. I also redesigned some of their graphics, such as the “How VPN Works” chart. Many of the icons are from the Flat UI Pro package that they liked and had already purchased for usage on their old site.

Since they had their own in-house engineer to build the site once I was done, I focused more on the design and page/SEO optimization to not just give a visual update, but a functional update for them and users as well. Final PSD’s were handed off  on October 13th and the complete site was up and working by November 5th.

The green color scheme was based on an evolution their old site design; once PSD’s were handed off and the build was started, they decided to change to a blue rather than green. A few key graphics were then redesigned on my end to match that change.

Programs used for the VikingVPN project were Photoshop CC (for the bulk of the workload), Dreamweaver CC (to setup a grid based on their responsive settings), and Illustrator CC (to create the unique graphics specific to this project).