An album designed for local artist Vigalantee, for his Summer 2013 re-release. All artwork for this album and it’s predecessor (album front, back and inside; merch and clothing; posters, flyers, etc) is derived from this design and is being continued by myself.

From the original album release:

Vigalantee came to me with a couple tracks to listen to and asked for something different than what is generally out there in term of rap/hip-hop covers. After several drafts and revisions, the idea of a vandalized street sign, with the front and back being of the same sign from different angles, came to me and this is what came of it. The album itself feels like a return to the hip-hop form of old and so this “street” theme worked well with the overall vibe of the music.

Continuing the above ideas, albeit in a “remixed” way, the sign was placed in/above the street itself and street-line colors of yellow and white were used to make the text mesh well with the street behind it while still highlighting what needed to be brought to front; the final image allows the design to be part of the textured backing of asphalt while still standing on its own.

Everything was done in Photoshop CC using a combination of original and stock photography, as well as paid and open-source fonts.