A game blog I co-founded with a couple friends, Games Obscura is a “in the works” project that hopes to cover games that get lost in the hustle of bigger sites; indies, mods, downloadables, portable titles, and anything interesting or under the radar. The way we hope to do that is by creating inovative, original content and by avoiding boring news reposts that bog down the front page.

The site was initially designed by Jeffrey Effendi (one of the other co-founders) and was tweaked, translated, and built within WordPress by me. The entire theme was built from the ground up for Games Obscura, although I had a lot of help from the awesome WordPress community, codex, and opensource themes to learn from.

It’s made to handle a lot of users and hide the backend from them as much as possible. They log in, edit their profile, access the forum, use comments, and do just about anything you can think of within the Games Obscura shell to help create a real experience, instead of it feeling like just another WP blog. Only the authors and editors have access to the actual WP dashboard or any of the advanced features that come with that access.