Welcome to scriptDance, home of freelance designer: Mark Davis.

The most recent work I have put together and am able to show is listed on the Portfolio page, which, if you hover over the word “portfolio” above here, will drop down into different categories in case you don’t want to just sort through everything in one big lump. I specialize in web-based design projects but enjoy print as well.

A little history about me and this whole design thing:

When my family first got internet in the mid/late 90’s, I immediately started learning HTML and javascript. I put those skills to use building horrible GeoCities pages for my writing, got a site up and running for my youth group at church, and did stuff for friends who weren’t as into learning code as I was at the time.

That continued to snowball with new revisions to HTML, the introduction of CSS2, the widespread adoption of PHP, XML, and all sorts of other neat things. It was always a hobby and side-source of cash while doing other things, but during a streak of unemployment, I decided “why not go to school for this?” and am graduating with an AAS in May 2012 for Digital Imaging Design (graphic design with a focus on computers).

So, although most of my history is in the web, a lot of my recent projects have pushed those boundaries into the realm of object recreation in Illustrator, print design with InDesign and Photoshop, and all sorts of other things like branding and logo creation.

Currently, the programs I have access to range from the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, to open-source stuff like GIMP and Audacity, to the business “essentials” like Microsoft Office. I am well versed in HTML5, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS3, and PHP5; have used WordPress for a few years now, and rely on it for most of my website projects that require handing off the site to clients to maintain and update; and I have recently stepped into the fields of media editing/creation, logo and branding work, and social/email/ad campaigns.

If you have any questions, investigate the site a bit to see what I do, and if you are still left with questions ask away by using the Contact page’s form.