As part of my “Creative Professional in Context” I re-wrote and really re-examined the artist statement I have been using and wrote almost two years ago. The following is the revision as it stands, but will probably undergo some more changes.

As a non-traditional student with a bachelors degree in Philosophy, my art & design work serves as the meeting point between my pursuit of wisdom and the need to express myself creatively; giving me a unique vantage point over the field of communication design.

This mixture of planning and freedom means that my fine arts projects are done with a “design brief” in mind, and that my design work is imbued with an independent spirit. Sketching and brainstorming is vital to everything, as is the ability to work and revise as quickly as possible; the latter necessitates that a majority of my work to be done digitally, and is increasingly found on the web and in the cloud. By leveraging these new technologies and constantly learning and staying up to date with them, I find myself not just working faster than I used to, but thinking differently than a lot of my more traditional peers.

Another significant part of my journey has been dedicated to the exploration of aesthetic boundaries: What is beauty and where/why does it break down? At what point does minimalism, a trick-of-the-eye, or a light-hearted demeanor lose the message it was intended to carry? Can the absurd be as powerful as the poignant? Does there exist a common experience that my work can reach or is art too subjective?

By pursuing answers to these questions and by tapping into pop-culture, religious history, philosophical discussions, and social-political issues, I hope to not just carve out my own niche of art & design in the 21st century, but to leave something that can be built upon and expanded by others for years to come.

It’ll be interesting to see how this summer internship at Kohl’s and the senior year at MIAD will effect things from here on out.